Fall Patio Decorating Ideas

Once the summer is gone, fall appears and your patio may look isolated and neglected. Since good weather and long sunny days are about to leave, you have to come up with a new decorating plan for your patio. In order to create an autumn style, we’ve gathered here some ideas that will be very helpful. In this way, you will still have a nice outdoor place to stay with family and friends and enjoy the warm days and cool nights.


No matter if you mix the colors or highlight only one, you have to be bold and create a massive appeal. The autumn color palette is very rich and it comprises many beautiful colors from which you may choose. Some of the most attractive colors are purple, gold, orange, deep green, yellow or brown. They can be easily found in all sorts of decorating accessories, cushions or mats.

Natural elements

Natural elements can also help you add some of the fall influence to your patio. You can use branches, fall leaves, corn husks, berries, pumpkins, rattan and others. To enhance your overall outdoor look, you can place them into planters or vases.


Decorations can make a huge difference when they are specially made for creating a fall effect. Since fall evokes the feeling of the harvest, you can decorate with things like a harvest pumpkin basket. You can easily make it by yourself using colorful fall pumpkins, squash or other vegetables. Another great idea is to use gourds candle holders. Gourds can be easily transformed into candle holders by cutting off the tops and removing the centers. In order to create a beautiful decoration, you can place the gourd near other natural fall elements.

Fall Plants

Although most people consider that plants are mostly for spring and summer, you may be surprised to find out that there are many beautiful fall plants that will bring vivid fall colors to your patio. Some of these fall plants that will give you a nice, warm feeling are mums and marigolds. They have beautiful shades of orange, gold and red and they can be found already potted.

Fire Pits

There’s nothing more exciting than gathering around to watch a nice fire. Fire pits can be found in all shapes and sizes, so it’s up to you to choose one for your patio. You can place a stack of wood near the fire pit and evenings will become more enjoyable while the flames will come off and lit in the cool night. Moreover, this is a very good way of relaxing while you’re warming near the fire.


You can change up the cushions and replace them with some others that have orange and yellow fall tones. You will see how rapidly your patio will be transformed into a perfect place for fall leisure. You can even make your patio furniture and pillows match the plants and pots for a highlighted seasonal look that will definitely please your visitors.