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Modern Solutions for Perfect Indoor Gardens

An indoor garden can be the perfect addition to your modern home. If you’re a green thumb looking for more green space to take care of, read the following lines. Here you will learn which are the modern solution for a perfect indoor garden.

Glass plant containers

When you’re making an indoor garden, it’s clear that you need containers in which to place the plants that you have in mind. Instead of going with the classic containers for your indoor garden, go with a more modern approach. A great idea is to plant the herbs, vegetables, and flowers in glass containers. The fact that you can see through the containers will make the indoor garden a unique visual addition to the decor of your house. Also, it will make it easier for you to realise when it’s time to water the plants or change the soil.

Create a vertical garden

To save space and to add a modern touch to the decor of your home, you should create a vertical garden. The vertical garden adds a relaxing green facade to the room that you place it in. If you go with a vertical garden as an indoor garden, make sure that you do all the daily and weekly maintenance procedures necessary to keep it alive. You should inspect all the plants for overall health and moisture levels. Inspect them regularly for pests or disease. Trim and clean the foliage as necessary. Remove the debris that gathers in the holding tanks. Inspect the water level in the holding tanks and replenish it as necessary. Apply the fertilizer through the irrigation system. Also, don’t forget to replace any failed plants or irrigation components when it’s needed.

Use led grow lights

No matter the type of indoor garden that you go with, make sure that you provide it with the necessary amount of light for it to grow healthy. In case you go with a vertical garden, use the California Light Works Solar Storm 880W led grow light. To purchase it, you will have to spend $1800. The reason why it’s the best choice to go with is that you have to mount in on the ceiling. Therefore, you can mount this led grow light above the vertical garden for the plants to receive the amount of light that they need in their growth process. In case you go with plants that you put in containers, go with the iGloEZ SMD led grow light. You can purchase it for the price of $140. It’s a stylish and compact led grow light that will help your plants grow indoors year round. Make sure that you provide the plants light with this device for about 10-12 hours per day. Also, position it between 2 and 4 inches above the plants to not harm them.