Most Beautiful Shade Tolerant Flowers

In order to plant shade tolerant flowers, you need to do some research so that you know for sure which plants may grow without too much light from the sun. Shade landscaping is the perfect solution for a dim yard that has areas which don’t receive much sun. One of the most common problems with plants is that most of them die because they usually can’t handle too much shade. Therefore, if the place where you want to grow your garden doesn’t get too much sunlight, you have to consider planting shade loving flowers. Let’s see in the article below which are the most beautiful shade tolerant flowers that can enhance your garden.


This beautiful flower is very popular and when it’s planted in the perfect place and it can grow without having to spend too much time taking care of it. Besides the fact that Forget-me-not flower loves shady areas, it will also reaper year after year and will eventually cover larger areas of your garden. Also, you can plant it in the areas that are very wet because it loves moisture.


Primroses are very easy to plant and they adapt very well to moisture and shade. The blooming period of these flowers begin in the summer and it usually lasts until the end of the fall, letting you to enjoy them for a longer period of time. They come in various colors such as white, yellow, orange pink or red and because they are perennial they will also grow in the following year.


If you want an annual flower that will bright your garden with its colors, then Calendula is one of the best choices. This flower is best known for its medicinal and culinary purposes, so if you like, you can add it to your meals such as stews, salads and so on. Another great thing about them is that they resist in cold weather conditions and their beautiful yellow and orange flowers last for a very long time.


You will love these flowers because they grow very quickly and they fill in the empty spaces that usually appear in any garden. In order to take care of them, you just have to plant them in shaded places and be sure that the soil is always moist. Their beautiful flowers come in various colors such as pink, white or red and they are perfect for those who want to diversify their gardens.