Tips for Building a Small and Practical Outdoor Kitchen

The outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more a focal point for outdoor activities. Everybody is dreaming of a summer kitchen in the garden. So, if you live in a house and you have space in your yard, you can easily build an outdoor kitchen. Nowadays, these kitchens are very popular. You can create a simple kitchen with a gas grill, a microwave, a small table and some chairs, or you can build an equipped summer kitchen where besides the gas grill, you can also find the microwave, a sink, a counter-worktop, and a fridge. As you can see, if you have some basic ideas, you can build a practical outdoor kitchen.

The location and the appliances

When you will start this project, you should know where you will build the kitchen. The location is important because you must keep in mind several things. The outdoor kitchen must be near the house, and the gas grill should be placed in a safe area. It’s recommended to place the grill appropriately, so the smoke doesn’t waft back into the house. Moreover, if you think about creating a relaxing place with sofas and armchairs, keep in mind to build the gas grill far from this space. You don’t want to distress your friends with the smoke.

As far as the gas grill goes, the options are endless but you should do some research before deciding on a certain grill. If money is not a problem, we recommend choosing the best Lion grill. Lion is known for making, luxurious high end gas grills for modern summer kitchens. Their gas grills are compact and highly durable. The best Lion grill is made entirely out of stainless steel and it gives you the option to add a charcoal tray to give your meat a delicious smoked flavor.

The outdoor furniture

The main element in your kitchen is the outdoor gas grill. It’s recommended to choose one which can fit in your kitchen. You will find plenty of models in the market, but keep in mind to buy a high-qualityA stainless steel gas grill is the best option for your outdoor kitchen because it is weatherproof, it can cook the food evenly and it looks very nice. Something more practical can be a microwave oven. It’s a useful element which helps you cook faster. Keep in mind to also place a fridge and some storage cabinets where you can store your utensils.
For an outdoor kitchen, you will also need a wooden table with chairs. You can add a touch of ambiance by placing some ottomans and a sofa with many colorful pillows. This way you will have a place where you can relax with your family and friends.

The lightning

The outdoor lighting offers you safety for grilling areas and staircases. So, install some light spots above the counter-worktop and place plenty of lamps around you outdoor kitchen area. Make sure you also place a fire pit or heat lamps to warm up the area.