Christmas Front Yard Decor

As Christmas approaches, you have to jolly up your front yard for Santa Claus to be able to find your home easily. Who knows, if you impress him with your gorgeous front yard, he might even be extra generous this year with the gifts. Therefore, if you want to get into the spirit of the holidays and have the most beautiful front yard in your neighborhood, read the following lines. Here you will find some great Christmas front yard decor ideas.

Light up the trees and the shrubs

The best way to give life to your front yard and to bring the Christmas joy into your life is to decorate the trees and the shrubs in your front yard with lights. We recommend that you stick with pale yellow lights because they give the front yard a clean look, resembling the snow. Also, you can stake lights along the walkway and the driveway. If you add these lights, you can go with color change bulbs for them to create a unique effect in combination with the pale yellow lights that you have already setup.

Create an outdoor Christmas tree

If you have a fir tree in your front yard, you can enjoy having two Christmas trees this year, one in the living room, and one in the front yard. What you must do to create the outdoor Christmas tree is to decorate the fir with strings of mini lights throughout its branches. Choose a color theme that sticks out from the rest of the trees to make it a focal point in the front yard. Also, make sure that you add plenty of ornaments that will make the fir tree become a real Christmas tree.

Topiary animals

Topiary animals are a great choice to go with when creating a Christmas decor because they light up the place and they give life to the scenery. These lighted animals should be placed next to the trees and near the bushes, depicting the warmth of nature during the cold seasons of the year. The topiary animals that surely mustn’t miss from your front yard are reindeer. You can position some of them in a row, and the rest can sit next to shrubs to seem like they are coming out from their hiding place to greet the passers-by.