How to Design a Tuscan Garden

Tuscan gardens have their own serene beauty and elegance and in order to create such a garden you have to be very creative. You don’t need to hire a landscape artist to design for you the Tuscan garden, you just need some basic guidelines that define this amazing style. The Tuscan design is known for its blend of classic beauty and the modern touch of elegance which invites you to relax and admire its beauty. Therefore, if you are interested in giving your garden a Tuscan look, you should know that there are a lot of creative ideas that can help you. Here is what you have to do.

Consider Having Some Walkways

Tuscan gardens are known for having beautiful walkways or pathways. This is why, in order to give your garden a Tuscan look, you should consider having some walkways that can lead to different patches or flowers. You can make them from concrete or terra cotta tiles. However, in case you have some old walkways, then you can restore them by using resurfacing techniques.

Iron Wrought Benches

Another great idea to transform your garden into a Tuscan landscape is to place some iron wrought benches. They have a classic, but simple design and are one of the things that will totally help you achieve a Tuscan garden design.

Terra Cotta Plant Containers

Tera cotta plant containers are always present in Tuscan gardens and besides the fact that they are one of the easiest ways to help you make your own Tuscan garden, they are also very accessible. Also, for better results, you can look for those containers which have the shape like older vases because they will fit perfectly in this kind of garden.

Fountain and Statues

Everyone knows that the Mediterranean style means to have a fountain in the center point of the garden and some interesting statues around the garden. A good idea is to try to match the style of the statues you use with the surroundings and to look for those which have an ancient look. Don’t forget that Tuscan gardens are a combination of old and modern.

Plant Some Trees and Shrubbery

Tuscan gardens have all sorts of trees and shrubs in order to create a more mysterious style. Also, they provide shade and are great for enhancing the idea of intimacy. Some of the best options to look for when it comes to selecting trees and shrub are live oaks which have evergreen leaves that provide continuous shade; olive trees which are found in every Mediterranean garden; citrus trees, such as orange or lemon trees which look pretty amazing if they are planted in large terra cotta pots and so on.

Colored Flowers

Colored flowers are another important aspect that will help you create a Tuscan setting. Planting flowers with vibrant color such as red, yellow or orange will enhance your garden and if you want to highlight them even more, you can place them in groups or near some contrasting colors.

Create Beautiful Hedges

Tuscan gardens have all sorts of hedges that define various areas in the garden so growing or placing some hedges will help you a lot in bringing in the Tuscan style. You can choose to make hedges from bay laurel, Rosemary or boxwood which will be perfect for your garden.