How to Improve your Garden Security

Besides being a great part of your home, your garden can also become the perfect entrance for intruders who are bold enough to get inside your garden during the day or the night. To keep your garden safe, you will have to take some safety measures that include installing some of the latest security gadgets designed to keep intruders away. To help you improve your garden security, we offer you some clever devices that will make sure no one gets inside your garden if you don’t want to.

Master Lock Smart Door Lock

The first thing you will have to do in order to make your garden a safer place is to strengthen the door security and a smart door lock will outcome even the toughest regular door. For outdoor use, we recommend the Master Lock, a state-of-the-art door lock that uses the latest technologies to make sure no one except who you want will enter your garden. This Bluetooth-enabled device can be controlled using your smartphone and it allows you to open and close the garden door with a touch of your hand. It also allows you to offer access to visitors and limit the access during various time intervals. It also sends you alerts in case someone is attempting to get inside without your permission so you can be sure that your garden will stay safe at all times.

Liftmaster 8550 Garage Door Opener

Given that your garage can be a potential entrance for burglars, make sure you secure that too using a garage door opener with excellent safety and security features like the liftmaster 8550 that can keep your garage door locked while you are away. This great unit can open and close your garage door for you and it prevents intruders from getting inside the house with the rolling code system that generates a new code every time you access it so no one will have time to memorize and use your entrance code. It also comes with a manual lock feature so you can be sure your garage door is locked behind you. All in all, the liftmaster 8550 will turn out to be efficient in keeping your home safe.

Lorex CVC7572PK4B Outdoor Security Camera

Security cameras are essential when it comes to home security and the outdoor cameras are perfect for increasing your garden security. This security camera system from Lorex is great for keeping an eye on your garden from different angles since it contains 4 cameras you can install in any corner of your house. When the light conditions get low, the camera switches to night vision so you will get clear images even at night at distances up to 75 feet. The weatherproof housing lets you install the cameras anywhere you want and they will still work perfectly.