Secret Garden Design Ideas

Everyone needs to spend some time with by themselves from time to time. That’s why you can turn your garden into a secret space,which is the right place for relaxing and enjoying that personal time. Create you garden just like you want and make your dreams come true. You will be happier and more rested after spending time there. Here are some secret garden design ideas which will inspire you to create the perfect place just for you.

The hidden clearing

You can achieve an exciting effect no matter how large or small your garden is by creating a hidden corner where you can feel peaceful and relaxed. You can place a gazebo in a far corner of the garden, and create a pleasant ambiance by using a sofa, some ottomans, and a small coffee table. Choose colorful pillows and fragrant climbers for a romantic atmosphere. If you want to increase the feeling of isolation, you can plant some garden flowers inside. Some of us want to create a secret place which can also be welcoming for our friends. That’s why you can opt for carpets, long curtains and lamps with diffuse light which can turn your small space into a pleasant outdoor living room.
If you love nature you can do something more practical and put a table with some chairs in a corner. Use shrubs, perennials, layers of trees and grasses to surround the secret place.

A treehouse

As kids, most of us have dreamed of building a treehouse as a secret place where nobody can find us. Moreover, if you have a big tree in your yard you should think about creating a secret house on top of it. Even if you don’t have children this will be a funny project. You can choose simple furniture for your little house such as a small sofa with armchairs, a table and some storage closets for your tools. Create a pleasant atmosphere with colorful items such as carpets, pillows or curtains. You can use small table lamps to illuminate the room or a few candles if you are a romantic person.

On the other hand, you should consider the fact that the treehouse will become the focal point of your yard and everyone will want to see it. This way, it will no longer be a secret place, just a place where you can relax, read a book or drink a cup of coffee in the heart of nature.