Unique Halloween Garden Decorations

Halloween is on its way, but you still haven’t decided yet how to decorate your backyard? Actually, it’s quite easy to find some interesting decorations which can terrify your guests.

In order to help you, we have gathered some unique Halloween garden decorations which can be easily created by yourself.

The Halloween pumpkin

Carving a pumpkin may not be very difficult, but it’s good for you to have a plan. Once you have bought some pumpkins from the market, you can start to carve them and to get one of the most popular decorations for Halloween, which is a carved pumpkin. Firstly, you should cut out the pumpkin lid and remove all its seeds. Scoop out the insides of the pumpkin with a spoon and carve its eyes, nose, and mouth. After you finish with its design, insert a tea light candle in it and place the lid on top. As such, you can repeat this activity with other pumpkins and place them in your garden. On the other hand, you can also turn a pumpkin into a flower pot. In fact, you can create many flower pots by using pumpkins and place them along the walkways.

Zombies in your garden

Halloween is a celebration which allows you to decorate your garden as you like. As such, you can place all types of zombies, skeletons and even some spooky witches in your garden. You can buy these decorations from a shop, or you can make them by yourself. For example, you can create a zombie by using a doll and some old clothes. Moreover, you will need some hay to fill up the clothes and create the zombie’s body. After that, you can stick the doll’s head on top. Furthermore, if you want to have a scary garden which will terrify all your neighbors and friends, you can place these zombies along the pathways.

Find the spider

If your friends are scared of spiders, you should choose to place several spiders in your garden. As such, if you want some big spiders you can find them on the market. Otherwise, if you buy just small spiders, you can create a garland with them and hang it on a tree. Moreover, you can stick some spiders on some plants and place them near your home entrance.